A b o u t S i p , E a t , R e p e a t

Sip, Eat, Repeat

H o w i t a l l s t a r t e d

I remember the day I got the book club letter in the mail for my daughter. My first thought was ugh great, I don’t have time for this and then I have to send it to 6 other mom’s who I know are busy and are going to get this letter and say the same thing. My second thought was why don’t they have me send wine! I’ll happily send 1 bottle of wine and send this to 6 people and then get 6 bottles of wine in return. I mean heck keep me on the chain I can play this game once a month that’s the best R.O.I.! Buy 1 bottle and get 6 in return! Who doesn’t have time for that?

The next part was making this easy. So I created a blog where people could come on here and find new wines. This is still a work in progress so I am still slowly bringing on new vineyards, distilleries, brewery’s, and roasters. We are continuing to grow partnerships to bring you new options. PLEASE DO NOT FEEL YOU HAVE TO BUY THE WINE THROUGH THESES LINKS! You can get the wine, coffee or booze of your choice through any site. This is only here to make it easier and fun. Going through the links to winery and using code: SipEatRepeat  will save you a little cash. If the winery you loved is not on board yet, you can always click on the link to wine.com and they will have more familiar options. 

Remember, the best part of this club is trying new wines. So get adventurous. And if you like what you tried come back on here and use the code for yourself. It never hurts to shop for yourself from time to time. 

I hope you enjoy the site, find new wines, try new recipes, and share a laugh with some friends and loved ones with your bottles.

$120 For a Group of 4